Where exactly are you located?

We will be located at (or very close to) the start/finish of the race. No need to run around (pun intended!) to separate locations on race morning!

What is the age range for BRINGtheKIDZ?
At this time, our program will be open to children ages 5-12* years old. We hope to include the littler ones as we move forward.

*For certain events, such as the Bolder Boulder, we may be able to start at age 3. Please check the event's registration page for details. 

How will you provide a safe environment for my children? 

Depending on the event, we will be based either in a local meeting/function space or in a large tent with walls and a secure outdoor space that will require wristbands to access. Staff to child ratios will be kept low in either case in order to keep close track of all children in our care. 

Who exactly will be working with my children and what are their credentials?
Our event team consists of individuals experienced in child care (many of whom are currently teachers, coaches, and camp counselors) who are carefully screened, background-checked, certified in CPR/First Aid, and enthusiastic to provide your children with a fun morning! 

What kinds of activities will my child(ren) participate in?

​Some activities will depend on the ages of the children and the weather conditions, but generally include crafts, lawn games, music, and sports. Children will be divided into age groups for each activity to ensure the best possible staff to child ratio and age appropriate activities. For children who do not wish to participate in the planned group activities during longer races, we will also provide a staffed "quiet corner" with activities such as books and puzzles. We will gladly consider activity suggestions from children and parents for future events. We strongly discourage bringing electronic devices, as these could easily get lost or damaged, and also undermine our goal of providing an active morning for all.  

Can I register my child(ren) on race day?

No. We ask that children be registered prior to race day to allow us to accurately plan staffing for that day's event, though we may have a few race day spaces available on a first come-first served basis. Please also be sure to let us know of any food allergies or other needs we should be aware of. 

When can I drop my child(ren) off at BRINGtheKIDZ?

BRINGtheKIDZ Camp will open at least one hour prior to race start time, possibly earlier depending on the race and circumstances. We will post child check-in times for each race well in advance so that you will know before you register with us.

What should my child bring to BRINGtheKIDZ Camp?

We recommend a hat, sunscreen (or arrive already sunblocked), and change of clothes all clearly marked with your child's name. You may also send a water bottle if you wish, but we will have drinking water available at all times.  We will also provide snacks and ask that you do not send additional food due to allergy concerns. (If your own child's food allergy is of concern to you, please speak to us about this ahead of time.)

What if I finish my race sooner than I had anticipated?

Congratulations! We have activities planned for the children for a set period of time based on the length of the race. If you wish to collect your child(ren) early, please feel free to do so. If you'd like to spend a little time cooling down and relaxing after the race, you can be comfortable leaving them with us until the pre-arranged pickup time. 

What if my race takes me longer than I expect?

Happens to the best of us! When scheduling pickup times we do our best to ensure that the vast majority of race participants will have adequate time to finish and refuel before scheduled pickup. If, however, circumstances prevent you from arriving within the pickup window, an additional fee will be charged in 15 minute increments until pickup occurs. 

What happens if my child has a medical emergency?

​Hopefully this will not come up, but if it does, staff certified in CPR/First Aid and Epi Pen administrators will be on hand. Children will also have access to the same medical care as race participants. 

My child has a food allergy. How will you handle this?

​Just let us know! We will make every effort to ensure your child's health and well-being while they are in our care. To be on the safe side, we will not serve any products containing nuts. 

Can someone other than me pick my child up after the race?

Yes, as long as you let us know in advance, and that person also has a wristband to allow them entry into the BRINGtheKIDZ space. 

How much will this cost? 

Pricing will depend on the length of the race. Please check the registration page for each race for pricing information. 

​Why should I register my children for BRINGtheKIDZ rather than just hiring a babysitter?

For some families, a babysitter might be the right option. In our view, it is nice to have the whole family together on race day and to model fitness and goal achievement to our little ones! The children will have the chance to have something of their own on race day, including the opportunity to make new friends or spend time with old ones. You will also be able to have confidence that we will be there, without the risk of a last-minute sitter cancellation.

Is BRINGtheKIDZ licensed to provide child care?

The short answer here is, "No, but..." In the State of Colorado, currently only child care facilities are licensed rather than the programs themselves. Programs such as ours without a consistent facility have no licensing option, but can apply to the Office of Early Childhood Division of Early Care and Learning for a "Legal Exemption from Licensing", which we have done. So, although we are not technically licensed, the licensing authorities are fully aware of our operating practices and we aim to be as consistent as possible with current licensing regulations, working regularly with the State as well as the local health departments in the areas where we operate in order to ensure the safest environment possible for the children in our care as well as our staff. 

​I have child care experience! How can I learn more about joining the BRINGtheKIDZ team? 

​Here is some more information about what we are looking for in our Event Team.  Please complete the form to tell us more about yourself. 

Something we missed? Email Michelle at michelle@bringthekidz.com and ask!