Be a part of the newest movement in racing – race child care! BRINGtheKIDZ is thrilled to launch its 2017 Ambassador Program on February 1, 2017. Applications will be accepted all month!

The mission of BRINGtheKIDZ, LLC, is to provide a fun, safe environment for children ages 5-12 while their parents participate in running, cycling, triathlon or other similar events. Our focus is to offer recreational and educational opportunities which promote each child’s social/emotional, physical and cognitive development while allowing families to spend race day together. In doing so, BRINGtheKIDZ seeks to encourage a healthy lifestyle as well as personal goal setting and achievement for children and families.

We strongly believe that race child care will soon become as common as chip timing or bag drop – and we are doing it first! Help us spread the word and give more families the opportunity to enjoy race day together.

Who is a BRINGtheKIDZ Ambassador? It could be YOU!

BRINGtheKIDZ Ambassadors are:

  • Athletes who participate in running and/or triathlon events in Colorado on a regular basis (minimum 3 per year). Skill and experience level are not important!
  • People who have at least one child between the ages of 5 and 12*
  • People who are passionate about fitness, promoting a healthy lifestyle, and spending time with family
  • People who are enthusiastic about providing children with a fun and active program while their parents compete in an event
  • People who are passionate about helping parents to meet their fitness goals
  • People who interact on a regular basis with local running and/or triathlon training groups or clubs, sports or activities of local elementary schools, or other venues in which they are likely to come in contact with our target audience

*See FAQs below

Primary Responsibilities & Expectations of an Ambassador

  • Understands and can articulately discuss the BRINGtheKIDZ mission and values
  • Social media interaction: BRINGtheKIDZ is active on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, has a newsletter and is developing a blog. Ambassadors should like/follow BRINGtheKIDZ and frequently interact with us on these channels, as well as mentioning and sharing BRINGtheKIDZ  news and information on their own channels.
  • Participates in and promotes events where BRINGtheKIDZ  operates
  • Attends running and other athletic events in the community
  • Helps at event exhibitions that BRINGtheKIDZ  attends
  • Active with a running group, club, store, event, or other group in which parents meet, gather and run or exercise
  • Helps to facilitate BRINGtheKIDZ  camp for at least three events. (While you are working you can bring your own children free of charge as long as they are within our age range for the given event.)
  • Please note that since you’ll be working with children, all Ambassadors will be required to complete a criminal background check.

Compensation and Perks

  • Free Child Care (while you work and at additional events on a 1:1 basis)
  • Discounted or free race entries
  • Schwag from BRINGtheKIDZ and our sponsors

Apply to become a 2017 PRKids Ambassador  - CLOSED


Is the BRINGtheKIDZ Ambassador Program only for women?
Nope! Dads are welcome and encouraged to apply as well!

I don’t have children but I have nieces/nephews or grandchildren who would love BRINGtheKIDZ camp. Can I still apply?
Yes, please do! You’re still modeling goal achievement and a healthy lifestyle and the parents are still getting a break!

I don’t have children in my life, but love working with kids and would love to help out. Can I still apply?

Yes! But please note that child care is our main currency, so you would essentially just be applying to be a volunteer. If you’re cool with that, apply away!

2017 BRINGtheKIDZ Inaugural Ambassador Program